Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Post Gunnison to Price UT

Huge thanks to Kim Cameron for letting me use her computer! She interviewed me here in Kremmling CO today.

Backtrack to Gunnison UT. When I was in Gunnison I learned that the roads ahead were closed due to 8 forest firest in Utah in one week. The options I was given were either to go North and wait on a 10 percent contained fire that had shut the road past there or reroute west enough to head north, both of which would have cost days. Felt that these were not my best options so I asked around and found out I could head to Mayfield and from there I could cut through the Manti LasSal forest to Ferron UT. This felt like my best option. I then headed to Mayfield camped out on the outskirts of the forest and early the next day headed up Twelve-Mile towards Skyline. This was one of the hardest days I had as it climbed over 4,000 feet from where I was to up over Skyline Drive. During stretches I maybe covered a mile an hour of a step above a crawl. Once I got nearer the top people kept stopping to see if I needed a ride and when I told them what I was doing and where I had come from on just that day they all were very impressed. When I got near the top a forest ranger told me that I could get a shower at a place a few miles further down which I took full advantage of. A couple miles later I set up the tent and passed out exhausted.
    The next day I made it to Ferron and stopped into the Grub Grill ready to DEVOUR a huge meal. They did not have a credit system set up and so I had to run to the bank to take out cash. My PIN wasn't working so I cam back to apologize that I couldn't get out cahs, but the woman who saw what I was doing with my stroller left there said she wanted to give it to me for free and a couple of other women there had jumped to give me money when they saw I came back without any. Just after going to the grocery store I saw a lot of people arriving at a church for something so I felt like it was right to go in, so I went in for a service and afterwards was invited to the Stotler's to have a place to camp, shower, do laundry, and have a good breakfast. I had a great experience with them and found we have a lot in common.They helped me tremendously. The next day I found out that there was construction that blocked the road pretty badly so Gerry Stotler went up there with me and talekd to them. A woman gave me a vest when she found out I had lost mine in Zion. I was then piloted (they led me while I ran behind) through the construction by one of the construction vehicles in the closed lane. Felt  pretty badass not gonna lie, but I went as quickly as possible to not hold anyone up. At Castledale I was interviewed about the run and met a woman Kaylee who also had two kidney transplants.  There I was approached by Terry Fonville who gave me a Subway giftcard and has continued to give words of encouragement. He also told me to meet him at their Church for dinner that night.
   A few hours later I made it to the Desert Edge Christian Chapel in Huntington for a great spaghetti dinner, where I was invited back to a woman, Judy's for a quick shower before returning to the church to sleep there for the night Jerry and Gerry Stotler also met me for dinner there and I also met Terry's wife gayle. Pastor Carl the pastor there brought me out to breakfast the next day at this awesome plate that had some of the largest pancakes I've ever seen. The smoke was huge seeing it miles away in the distance and could be smelled in Huntington.
   After that I continued on towards Price and Pastor Carl actually me up with me to bring me some Gatorade which was a big blessing. A pastor whom Gerry Stotler had contacted found me on the roadway and said I could sleep outside his church for the night if I wanted to so I did when I got to Price. The smoke was worse in Price as now it hung much closer over top the skyline....Will update more things later

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