Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One week in!

I am currently staying at the Oak Tree inn right outside of Barstow and I would like to thank them very much for their sponsorship of a reduced rate here. It's been one week since I have started and a lot has happened during that time.
   First day was awesome made it to East LA where I was lucky enough to stay at a church where they brought me a meal which was awesome and I spent tiem talking to missionaries there. Since then I have mostly been sleeping out back of churches. This was the first place I decided to stay at. I have met so many amazing peopel so far. Highlights include a man Mike whom decided to turn around on his motorcycle to come see what I am up to, a woman Danielle who got me a can of fix a flat to help my ites for the road ahead. Another man (did not get his name) gave me a pair of sunglasses after mine broke. Everything even the setbacks have worked out perfectly and it's a blessing that I am where I am right now. I am resting until tomorrow night where I will work my way towards Baker. I had previously talked to the CDOT and NVdot to make sure tat it is ok I go on the interstates which they said was ok so hoping I do not run into any issues. Here I met a guy Scooter who helped me feel better about the road ahead to Baker as he said there are a couple of stop offs I could go to on the way.
  Things I've learned

Strengths 3 Ps
  Patience: It takes a lot of patience to do this especially when things do not go as planned and setbacks arise. Be patient and it will all work out in time.
  People: I could not be in the spot I am without the help, advice, and kindness of people. I am attempting to pay it forward now and gave a woman money for gas today who need3ed it. We all have different strengths and abilities, and need each other to succeed, no matter our own self-reliance.
 Parks: Usually during the middle of my day I'll find a nice park to just sit and relax, maybe read or write. The power of nature and parks has a great resting quality on the spirit and mind.

Also I have continued to learn a lot about gratitude, as I have never been happier about having the ability to get a shower, have a bed, or even just experiencing the kindness of strangers as this journey has taught me.

I will try to be better baout blogging/updating but due to the nature of this run and avoiding the heat of the day it has proven to eb more difficult than thought.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Made it to LA ok! My good friend Will Smith (not the fresh prince but a dude equally awesome) picked me up and I'm spending the night at his before heading to Santa Monica beach early tomorow to begin this adventure. So far grabbed some food at Bib Boy burger and got some grocries for the trek. Many unknown variables, but in my life I've found that my best success or greatest growth came from jumping into the deepest end of that pool of life possible. Going forward with a positive attitude knowing that I will find a way and make this work. It's been an ongoing dream for 2 years and it starts tomorrow.
   Leading up to this the kindness of strangers continues to amaze me including people who wish to help in any way possible, especially those with whom I have never met. I still believe in the goodness of all people. Game face. Chris. BLR