Saturday, July 7, 2012

Over a third through!

  Well I've covered over a thousand miles and my body continues to get stronger and more used to it. As of late my days are usually over 30 miles and as much as 46 and 57. I am doing my best to keep everyone updated and where I am but it is extremely difficult and some days I barely have time to check in with my family. Right now I am in Milner CO with Happy a Philly guy so of course it's awesome, Steph, Dave, Josh, Marty and Karen in Daddio's Bar and Grill. Was going to just use the bathroom but everyone was so nice and welcoming I decided to hang, especially with the approaching rain. Been a great past few weeks. Finally saw significant rain (more than 10 minutes worth) since starting. This will just be a more brief post to update but I have been keeping a daily journal and will take some time soon to go through and reflect but the people here offered me to use their computer so wanted to update quickly.


  1. I met you at the library yesterday and you inspired me to sign-up to be an organ donor. Have a safe journey to NJ.

  2. Rachel thank you so much I am very glad you made the decision to be an organ donor! It means a lot!