Sunday, April 22, 2012

Updates/changes. 1 month til flight out

Here to address a number of changes as well as reflect on my experience at the Organ Donor Dash last Sunday in Philly. The Brotherly Love Run will continue as planned, yet I will be the only person going out to Los Angeles and making my way across. This is due to Jaime's personal concerns and abilities, nothing to do with our ability to work together. Here is his post from our Facebook page.  . "Due to personal set backs I, jaime will unfortunately no longer be going on the run we have restructured and I will now be managing the website and assisting Chris through the run." 

 I still plan on doing everything exactly as I had before, but now will be solo. We also have a logo finished and are selling t-shirts for 15 bucks in gray or white shirts as of now, utilizing the logo my good friend Brendan developed for us.

Last weekend Jaime, Brian, and I ran in the Organ Donor Dash. It was a rewarding experience and I stuck with them and then remained with Brian, pushing him along as we finished. It was the first 10k or both Jaime and Brian so it was cool to see their sense of accomplishment after. We had previously done the Organ Donor Dash in the walk portion years ago and was my first time since. Seeing all of the shirts in honor of loved ones still living or have passed on really hit me deep. There was more than a few times I felt that lump in the bottom of my throat while consumed with all of the emotions of the day, and feeling complete empathy for each of these stories of love which united everyone on the day. Here's a pic of ourselves and Jaime's girlfriend Amber.

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