Sunday, March 25, 2012

Think For Yourself Fest

My brother Zach set up a festival with his Independent Political Club to raise money for Leukemia (please visit and donate as well as engage the student population towards civic duty. A few good friends of mine, especially my really good friends from home in Our Fair City came to perform. Jaime, Brian, and I were able to set up a table with information about our run as well as have information to get people to register to be organ donors. This was the first opportunity (hopefully of many) that we were able to do this and we got several people to say they would seriously consider registering. Additionally, that night a girl I knew had told me that she had registered because of our run. This was such an awesome feeling to know that in the future we can potentially make a difference in the life of a person. Made me realize much more that success for this can not be measured in minutes, miles completed, states traveled through, but solely on lives changed. Chris BLR

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