Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One week in!

I am currently staying at the Oak Tree inn right outside of Barstow and I would like to thank them very much for their sponsorship of a reduced rate here. It's been one week since I have started and a lot has happened during that time.
   First day was awesome made it to East LA where I was lucky enough to stay at a church where they brought me a meal which was awesome and I spent tiem talking to missionaries there. Since then I have mostly been sleeping out back of churches. This was the first place I decided to stay at. I have met so many amazing peopel so far. Highlights include a man Mike whom decided to turn around on his motorcycle to come see what I am up to, a woman Danielle who got me a can of fix a flat to help my ites for the road ahead. Another man (did not get his name) gave me a pair of sunglasses after mine broke. Everything even the setbacks have worked out perfectly and it's a blessing that I am where I am right now. I am resting until tomorrow night where I will work my way towards Baker. I had previously talked to the CDOT and NVdot to make sure tat it is ok I go on the interstates which they said was ok so hoping I do not run into any issues. Here I met a guy Scooter who helped me feel better about the road ahead to Baker as he said there are a couple of stop offs I could go to on the way.
  Things I've learned

Strengths 3 Ps
  Patience: It takes a lot of patience to do this especially when things do not go as planned and setbacks arise. Be patient and it will all work out in time.
  People: I could not be in the spot I am without the help, advice, and kindness of people. I am attempting to pay it forward now and gave a woman money for gas today who need3ed it. We all have different strengths and abilities, and need each other to succeed, no matter our own self-reliance.
 Parks: Usually during the middle of my day I'll find a nice park to just sit and relax, maybe read or write. The power of nature and parks has a great resting quality on the spirit and mind.

Also I have continued to learn a lot about gratitude, as I have never been happier about having the ability to get a shower, have a bed, or even just experiencing the kindness of strangers as this journey has taught me.

I will try to be better baout blogging/updating but due to the nature of this run and avoiding the heat of the day it has proven to eb more difficult than thought.

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