Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How it came to be

So Chris comes home from school one weekend at the beginning of his senior year in college. He's stoked on this idea he's had for roughly the past two years about running across the country. This was definitely not the first time I had heard him talking about it, and as time would prove it sure was not the last. He talked to me so much about it that one boring night in our small town of Mullica Hill, New Jersey we both got so hyped up about it we decided to buy our plane tickets out to California. We then decided that since it had, if nothing else, been solidified, to develop the idea. For the past several months and for the months to come we hope to spread the word about the tragedy behind organ donation or the lack there of. With a few simple steps towards become a registered organ donor you can give hope to the 100,000 plus patients currently on the waiting list.Also our message is not limited to just the US we hope to pass it on across the globe with help from our family, friends, and fans.

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